Developer with a diverse engineering background and a passion for helping others learn. San Jose State University graduate. Based in the East Bay Area, CA.


JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, C


React, GraphQL, Apollo, Gatsby, Sass, Grid/Flexbox, Styled Components, Redux, Git, Prettier, ESLint, *NIX, Netlify

Try Coding, It's Fun
try coding it's fun

Web platform encouraging self-taught developers to love what they're coding. Built with React, Gatsby, and Styled Components.

I'm Silent Photography
i'm silent photography

Photographer portfolio site and CMS built on top of Django for freelance photographer Mary Medovich. Built with Django, Python, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

YDKJS Exercises
you don't know javascript exercises

Maintainer of an open-source project dedicated to teaching JavaScript fundamentals. Built with React and React Context API to manage application state.

PBX Data Parser
pbx data parser

PBX outfile parser which writes erratically delimited data to spreadsheet software. Built with Python, TKinter and openpyxl for Windows and Unix systems.